Smooth Rock

The Band

'The Yachtsmen' features a line up of recording artists and live music veterans, so you know it's gonna be done RIGHT.


Joshua Cliburn - Lead Vocals, Saxophones, Robo-Oboe

(Wheels in the Sky, Paul Creighton Project, Rubberneck, Curtis Salgado Band, the Motet)


Jeffrey "Sechs" Gordon - Keyboards and Vocals 

(Wheels in the Sky, Boyz 2 Gentlemen)


M.R. "Laird" Franklin - Guitar 

(Wheels in the Sky, Int'l Male)


Dominic Castillo - Guitar

(Wheels in the Sky, Doc Castillo Jazz Unit, Ravishers)

John McIsaac - Bass 

(Wheels in the Sky, Int'l Male)


 Cory Burden - Drums
(Int'l Male, D.K. Stewart, Blubinos, Pepe and the Bottle Blondes)

Jackson Coffee

(Son de Cuba, Separation of Sanity, Spirits)